TMJ/TMD Treatment

Find TMD Headache Relief With Your Brentwood Dentist

TMJ treatment Nashville dentist Franklin TNTMJ disorders can take the enjoyment out of some very basic activities in your life. Eating, talking and even breathing can be affected by TMD. The pain brought on by an inflamed temporomandibular joint often radiates throughout your upper body and makes most physical activities a source of pain and discomfort.

Dr. Poss, who has specialized in TMJ treatment for nearly 30 years, will identify the cause of your TMJ disorder and treat it quickly and effectively for fast headache relief at his Brentwood dentist office.

His multi-pronged approach to resolving TMD issues includes:

  • Correctly diagnosing TMJ and determining 1) the cause and 2) which symptoms are affecting you
  • Using advanced instruments to coax the jaw into its proper alignment
  • Creating a customized oral appliance that maintains the correct jaw alignment during sleep, and prevents the wearer from clenching his or her teeth at night
  • In addition, if your teeth have been damaged by TMD, he can restore them to perfection with cosmetic and restorative dentistry.

How TMJ Treatment Works

TMD headache relief Brentwood TN dentistDr. Poss and his team will first relieve the joint pain you are experiencing by using medication such as anti-inflammatories or muscle relaxants. You will be taught how to relax the jaw and reduce your own pain at home with practices such as eating soft foods, applying ice, and avoiding clenching your jaw. Jaw exercises and physical therapy will be recommended to some patients. We also provide splints for TMD sufferers which are worn at night to keep the teeth apart and reduce muscle tension. These TMJ treatments will work to stabilize your jaw and alleviate any pain that TMD has caused you.

TMJ/TMD Treatment for Nashville, Franklin, Surrounding Areas

Instead of allowing your health and happiness to be affected daily by TMJ, you should turn to your Brentwood dentist for TMJ treatment that will permanently alleviate the pain that TMD causes. Keep in mind, Dr. Poss and the team at Practical Sleep Solutions don’t just treat Brentwood residents. Call us now if you are in Nashville, Franklin, or other surrounding areas as well to get superb TMJ treatment! We look forward to helping you get relief from temporomandibular joint dysfunction!

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Dr Poss is one of the few dentist in Tennessee to receive his Fellowship with the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. This advanced educational process allows Dr. Poss to better serve his patients that have TMJ disorders or other head and neck pain.

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