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Learn About TMJ Symptoms In Brentwood TN

Dr. Poss completed dental reconstruction thus allowing me to live pain free following years of TMJ/jaw pain, headaches, and continual sinus pressure. His ability to diagnosis and teat my specific problems and concerns has also resulted in a beautiful smile and continued opportunites in my personal and professional life…

– Peggy Miller

When you are struggling with symptoms like frustrating headaches, constant migraines, and jaw pain, it is time to come in for a TMJ assessment. Migraine headaches and other TMJ symptoms are often misdiagnosed. Doctors can miss TMJ disorders and say that frequent migraines may be caused by a neurological issue that cannot be narrowed down fully when the disorder could be treated with a proper diagnosis. Many times, it is actually a TMJ disorder that is the source of the migraines, headaches, and pain.

Diagnosing TMJ Disorder Correctly

migraines from TMJ disorder in Brentwood TN and NashvilleThere are many forms of TMJ disorder, and different forms lead to different TMJ symptoms. It is critical that your dentist is able to diagnose your personal TMJ disorder correctly so that you can be treated efficiently and see improvement as quickly as possible. When you are not diagnosed correctly, your treatment will not match your TMJ disorder exactly and your migraine and pain will take longer to vanish.

Our Technology

TMJ symptoms Nashville dentist Franklin TNHere at Practical Sleep Solutions in Brentwood TN, just outside of Nashville, we utilize the most advanced technology so that we can diagnose your TMJ accurately and precisely. We use computer technology called Mytrotronics to learn more about your specific TMJ disorder. The Mytrotonics system has the ability to measure and analyze the joint noise in the temporomandibular joint. This noise can tell us a lot about what the problem is and how to fix it. Mytrotronics can detect your personal and specific TMJ symptoms. This allows Dr. Poss to know the best way to treat your TMJ disorder effectively. Mytrotronics provides us with the information we need to create your custom-made TMJ treatment appliance so that you can get feeling better fast.

If you are suffering from headache, migraine, ringing in the ears, or other bothersome TMJ symptoms, come see Dr. Poss in Brentwood TN for a thorough and advanced assessment. Our technology  allows us to diagnose and treat you accurately in a way that is different from other dental offices. Give us a call today if you are in the Nashville area, including Franklin TN.

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  • I have finally found a dentist and an office staff that truly care about me. Every time I go to the office, I actually look forward to my next appointment.
    —Ashlyn H.
  • I am impressed with how friendly and professional the staff is. They seem interested in my dental needs as well as my life.
    —Gavin W.
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  • Thank you for providing me with an apnea device that's easily transported, cleaned...and it works.
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Dr Poss is one of the few dentist in Tennessee to receive his Fellowship with the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. This advanced educational process allows Dr. Poss to better serve his patients that have TMJ disorders or other head and neck pain.

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