Relieving Headaches

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Do you suffer from constant headaches or migraines and you’re not sure why? You may want to consult a dentist to identify the cause. You may have TMJ disorder, a type of jaw inflammation. Often confused with tension headaches, TMJ disorder can take a long time to discover, so make sure you consult with your physician and family dentist as soon as you notice symptoms. These include: throbbing pain, lightheadedness, nausea, and blurred vision. At Practical Sleep Solutions, we specialize in TMJ (or TMD) treatments, along with sleep apnea and snoring treatment. Dr. Poss is one of the few Tennessee area dentists to receive a fellowship with the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, so you can feel confident that you’re getting top-notch care.

Those who have TMJ may hear a constant clicking sound in their jaw. Although many sources contribute to TMJ disorder, this symptom is one we commonly identify. You may also experience ringing in your ears or sensitivity to light or loud sounds. We may have to treat the problem with several different approaches. Rest assured that we’ll work with you to create a treatment plan that works with your schedule, insurance and budget.

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Losing Sleep Over TMJ? Practical Sleep Solutions Can Help!

headache relief Brentwood

Are you exhausted from constant headaches or jaw pain? You may have TMJ disorder. The temporomandibular joint connects the lower jawbone to the skull.  If you suspect you may have TMJ disorder, make an appointment with us right away. TMJ causes long-term tooth damage and bone loss. Symptoms include:

  • jaw and facial pain
  • headaches
  • earaches
  • neck pain
  • chewing difficulty
  • jaw clicking or locking
  • change in bite (the way your upper and lower teeth fit together)

At Practical Sleep Solutions, our personalized treatment plans help patients manage their TMJ disorder. We recommend the following methods to relieve pain before you come in for your appointment:

  • eat soft foods
  • apply ice packs
  • avoiding extreme jaw movements (such as yawning, singing and gum chewing)
  • learning techniques for reducing stress
  • jaw stretches and relaxation exercises

Generally, patients come to us for a TMJ diagnosis after unsuccessfully seeking treatment for chronic headaches. Jaw and sinus pain may be widespread, which makes pinpointing the affected area difficult. We’ll diagnose your specific TMJ issues and recommend an effective course of action.

We work hand-in-hand with a network of TMJ specialists, including ENT doctors, neurologists and physical therapists, to come up with a comprehensive treatment plan. Our knowledgeable staff recognizes that there are many facets to this often-misunderstood disorder.

To learn more about effective headache, sleep apnea, and TMJ treatments, call Practical Sleep Solutions at  615-928-2838 for a consultation.



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Snoring Suggestions to Help You Sleep

stop snoring in NashvilleSnoring is a pretty common problem, and there isn’t one cure for it that will suit everyone. That said, however, if you or a loved one is suffering from chronic snoring, there are some things you can do to help combat this issue.

Here are a few suggestions from the Brentwood of Practical Sleep Solutions and Dr. Stephen Poss.

  1. Make sure you are at a healthy weight. Excess body fat often means excess throat tissue, which can cause the airways in the throat to narrow. If you have a more narrow airway, more vibrations can occur when you are breathing while sleeping.
  2. Keep up with good sleeping habits. Establishing a regular sleeping pattern can be very helpful in improving your overall sleep quality. If you allow yourself to get overtired, this can cause your throat muscles to be limper. When you breathe, the air moving over your lax muscles causes more vibrations, or snoring. You can also try another sleeping position or a body pillow to improve sleeping and breathing.
  3. If you have nasal congestion, try to clear it up. If your snoring is because of nasal congestion, you can try using a humidifier or vaporizer to help with dry airways. You can also try a Neti pot or nasal decongestants to help clear nasal passages. Keep animals out of the bedroom to reduce allergens from pet dander.
  4. Be cautious with what you eat and drink, particularly in the evening. Don’t eat too close to bedtime, and avoid heavy carbs, sweets, and carbonation before bedtime. All of these can lead to indigestion as well as snoring. Alcohol can also contribute to snoring.
  5. Call Dr. Stephen Poss and Practical Sleep Solutions in Brentwood. He can offer you more advice on what you can do to stop snoring—and get a good night’s sleep!

Dr. Stephen Poss treats TMJ disorder, sleep apnea, and snoring with some of the most advanced technology available at his Brentwood dentist office near Nashville. This allows him to diagnose individual patients accurately and treat them effectively.  If you have any questions about snoringsleep apnea, headache relief, or TMJ/TMD, give us a call today at 615-922-6056.

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How Stress Can Impact Our Teeth

stress and your smileThere are no two ways about it: Stress has a negative impact on our bodies. From problems such as depression to high blood pressure, stress makes our bodies at risk for disease. But what about the impact stress has on our smiles? You might be surprised to learn that there are dental problems that are linked to stress:

Teeth Grinding
It’s no surprise that teeth grinding (bruxism) is bad for teeth. It starts with enamel wear, then loose teeth, and eventually tooth loss. During this progression, there may be other problems such as gum recession, headaches, and TMD (Temporomandibular Disorders). If you grind your teeth, it’s important to address this condition as soon as possible. In addition to stress, there are many factors that can cause or exacerbate bruxism. These include: malocclusion (bad bite), sleep apnea, and prescription depression and anxiety medications.

Your dentist may prescribe an appliance to protect your teeth and keep your jaw in the proper position while you are sleeping. Other treatments include cognitive behavior therapy, relaxation therapies, mandibular advancement devices, and medication. Your dentist can create a treatment plan and work with you and your doctor to reduce or eliminate this behavior.

Temporomandibular Disorders
There are many direct and indirect causes of TMD. For example, inability to manage stress may cause jaw clenching which, in turn, causes pain in the jaw joint. Other symptoms of TMD include tenderness, pain, or swelling in the neck, ear, face, or shoulder; popping or clicking sounds; and changes in bite alignment. Again, if you experience any of these, talk to your dentist.


Tooth pain and untreated dental issues will only give you something else to worry about. Let’s nip this vicious cycle in the bud.

I’m Dr. Stephen Poss. Call Practical Sleep Solutions at 615-928-2838. Let’s determine the status of your oral health, schedule treatment if required, and create a plan to restore and maintain a healthy smile–and a good night’s sleep.

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Sleep Better With Help From Your Dentist?

Yes! When you are having problems sleeping, visiting your dentist might be the last thing you consider. But the fact is, there are a number of dental issues that might be keeping you up at night.If you are having trouble sleeping, have you ever considered that it could be

If you are having trouble sleeping, give me a call! Hello, I’m Stephen Poss of Practical Sleep Solutions, a highly regarded dental practice in Brentwood, Tennessee, specializing in sleep issues. We have helped thousands of patients get a better night sleep!

If a good night’s sleep has been elusive for you, there are a number of things that might help. When you come in for a consultation with our expert team at Practical Sleep Solutions, we will ask you for specifics on what your sleep problems might be. These are just a few of the ways we can solve your sleeping problems:

  • A snoring mouthpiece so you stop snoring
  • Sleep apnea treatment so you can get a more restful night of sleep
  • Headache and migraine pain relief
  • Treatment for TMJ and TMD

Don’t spend another sleepness night or another tired day! My team of dental professionals at Practical Sleep Solutions has been serving the Nashville area since 2015. Visit for more information.

We are located at 1646 Westgate Cir Ste 100, in Brentwood, Tennessee. We offer specialized dental services including sleep apnea treatment, TMJ/TMD treatment, and snoring treatment. Our passion is providing exceptional care for our valued patients. To make an appointment, call us at 877-622-1168.

I look forward to being your Brentwood sleep dentist of choice.

Welcome to Practical Sleep Solutions

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What Can You Do About Those Chronic Headaches?

When you have a headache or migraine, it’s difficult to participate in everyday life let alone enjoy yourself. Headaches and migraines can be very painful and they can often come along with a host of other symptoms, including feeling light-headed and nauseated. They can even blur your vision.

Many people find their social life is impacted by the pain they are feeling, and many others miss work and other events because of them.

The causes for headaches and migraines are varied. But they all cause the same problem: preventing you from participating in your own life!

Some of the Causes of Headaches

People have headaches for a lot of different reasons. Here are a few of the more common causes:

  • Stress
  • Flu, cold, or other sicknesses
  • Dehydration
  • Ear infection
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • TMJ disorders

Migraines can have some other causes, including:

  • Sensory stimuli
  • Hormonal changes
  • Stress
  • Medications
  • Food or drink
  • TMJ disorders

The Connection Between Headaches, Migraines, and TMD Issues

TMJ disorders and TMD issues are often overlooked when people talk about their headaches and migraines. This often causes misdiagnoses, which means patients continue to suffer without any relief. The inflammation involved is often mistaken as a tension headache. If just the headache is treated, the underlying cause isn’t addressed. TMD must be treated if patients are to get permanent relief.

Give us a call today to talk to us about treatment at Practical Sleep Solutions in Brentwood TN. We want to help you find lasting relief from your headaches and migraines. We welcome patients from all over the Nashville area, including Franklin TN. We look forward to helping you!

Call us at 615-928-2840!



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Is Your Headache Related to a TMJ Disorder?

tmj disorders in NashvilleHeadaches are awful, and they can interfere with your busy life and make it difficult to get things done. There are a number of different types of headaches, including:

Most Common Types of Headaches

  • Migraine-type headaches that occur with TMJ disorder patients because of the pressure on the jaw joints.
  • Cluster headaches that present with a burst of pain behind one eye.
  • Sinus headaches that feel like pressure and worsen when the head is tilted forward.
  • Tension headaches that range from a dull ache to sharp pain. TMJ-related tension headaches usually originate from the jaw.

TMJ Headache Triggers

There are triggers for TMJ-related headaches, including:

  • Trauma
  • Poor posture
  • Medication and substance overuse
  • Hormonal changes such as those that occur during the menstrual cycle.
  • Fatigue
  • Extreme physical exertion
  • Dental problems
  • Clenching and grinding
  • Changes in the weather
  • Certain foods such as chocolate, cheese, and MSG
  • Allergies

How to Take Care of Your TMJ-Related Headache

There are certain things you can do yourself to help with TMJ-related headaches. Try to alleviate stress with meditation, exercise, or something relaxing that you enjoy. Try to make time each day for this.

Avoid any foods that seem to cause your headaches.

Soothe your jawbone when it is sore with ice or moist heat

Visit your TMJ-disorder specialist in the Nashville area, Dr. Stephen Poss, and talk about the type of headache symptoms you are experiencing. Treatment might include an oral appliance that will help you avoid having headaches.


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Treating Sleep Apnea Without CPAP you have been told you have sleep apnea, you have likely heard of CPAP therapy as one of the most effective ways to treat sleep apnea.

Is it the right option for you?

There are some difficulties that come with CPAP, which stands for continuous positive airway pressure. It requires people to wear a mask while they sleep, and many people find this difficult.

CPAP therapy can make traveling inconvenient because it needs to be packed and brought wherever you go.

Don’t Leave Sleep Apnea Untreated

If you have sleep apnea, it might be tempting to leave it untreated. But if you do that, you are opening yourself to serious health risks, such as heart problems, diabetes, stroke, and high blood pressure.

If you don’t want CPAP therapy, there are other possibilities you can explore for treatment.

Other Ways to Treat Sleep Apnea

None of these will provide a quick fix to your sleep apnea, but you can try lifestyle changes to help lessen the severity of your sleep apnea. These include:

  • A different sleep position—especially if you have milder sleep apnea. Sleeping on your side can help. You can look into sensor technology for this—or simply sew a tennis ball on the back of your pajamas to keep you from lying on your back.
  • Weight loss—even losing 10 pounds can help. The less fat you have on your neck, the better your airways are unobstructed.
  • Exercise—better muscle tone can help lessen the severity of sleep apnea.
  • Throat exercises.

Find Out More About Treating Sleep Apnea

Call your Nashville area sleep specialist Dr. Stephen Poss for more information on treating sleep apnea. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Talking to Your Dentist About Sleep Apnea

Some people might find it surprising to visit their dentist rather than a traditional physician when they want to learn more about sleep apnea. But dentists such as Dr. Stephen Poss are qualified experts on sleep apnea. Dentists are skilled at molding oral appliances, and such an appliance is frequently prescribed to treat the condition. They routinely mold retainers, mouth guards, and bite splints, which are very similar to the guards used to treat this problem. Dentists are trained to create, fit, and maintain these appliances, as well as licensed to do so. Others outside of dentistry who fabricate these items could be in violation of state laws. Logically, then, obtaining an appliance especially made for apnea should be done through a dentist.

Sleep apnea is a common, frequently underdiagnosed condition that causes sufferers to pause in their breathing during sleep, sometimes for up to minutes, and can occur up to 30 times an hour. In addition to snoring loudly, sufferers are unable to get enough rest, particularly REM sleep, to allow normal cognitive function, resulting in excessive fatigue and memory and attention problems. Untreated apnea impairs work performance and can also hinder interpersonal relationships. In short, it is a frightening condition that needs professional help, a dentist’s help.

Another advantage of using dentists for this condition is their understanding of the TMJ joint, a necessity when creating an effective oral appliance to treat sleep apnea. Other practitioners do not have the understanding of TMJ physiology that is so important to effective treatment. A well-made appliance could stop disruptive snoring and pauses in breathing.

Dentists are also in a better position than most to diagnose the condition, as they see many of their patients twice a year, allowing them time to assess their patients’ health and possible apnea symptoms properly . Consulting a new physician, who will insist on running an expensive spectrum of tests, could delay treatment for months.

Dentists also make treating this condition convenient due to their possessing, on site, the materials necessary to create the needed appliance. They also have a current working partnership with the laboratories that aid in fabrication. These facilities will only work with dentists and only when they have written a prescription. Other practitioners do not have this ease of access to experienced laboratory professionals.

Sleep apnea causes a host of unpleasant symptoms, including violent snoring and interrupted breathing, making it a dangerous and unpleasant affliction. Seeking quick treatment with a trustworthy professional is required for sufferers to get their health back. After years of experiencing fatigue, snoring, and attention problems, sufferers will be shocked at how much their lives improve once they have been treated by their dentists. Ending the symptoms of this dangerous condition may be only a dental visit away.

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Finding Out Why You Have Jaw Pain

Aching Jaw In Cary?

Jaw pain may be caused by sinusitis. Sinusitis is the inflammation of the tissues that line your sinuses, and when these tissues are inflamed, the sinuses exert pressure on surrounding areas. If the inflamed sinus is near the jaw, pain in the jaw joint may result. This commonly happens with a cold or allergies.

Many of my Raleigh patients who come to me with jaw pain have some type of dental issue, such as an infection, or a problem in the temporomandibular joint (also known as TMJ).

The source of jaw pain can easily be identified at your Raleigh dental office, and treatment can begin from there. But remember, jaw pain shouldn’t be ignored.

If you are looking for quality dental care around the Brentwood, Franklin, or Murfreesboro areas, please consider Practical Sleep Solutions. I am located in Brentwood. If you have any questions about snoring, sleep apnea, headache relief, or TMJ/TMD, give us a call today at 615-922-6056.

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