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Dr. Stephen Poss, Sleep Diplomat Dr. Poss has solved thousands of patients’ sleep apnea and TMJ problems in Nashville, Brentwood, and the surrounding areas. His dental practice is nationally recognized for providing customized solutions for sleep apnea sufferers, particularly those who experience CPAP device intolerance. At Dr. Poss’ office, advanced technology meets years of education and expertise to relieve pain, improve sleep, beautify smiles, and restore confidence.

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treat sleep apnea with a Brentwood dentist Nashville TN

Sleep Apnea and Snoring Treatment

Sleep apnea takes a toll on the sufferer and their family. This condition is marked by irregular pauses in breathing or extremely low breathing during sleep. Sleep apnea can have dramatic effects on mood, energy level, and heart health. Snorers know that although snoring is not a serious condition, snoring affects the quality of their own sleep and the quality of sleep of those around them. Both sleep apnea and snoring can be treated. Visit our sleep apnea section to learn more about how you can overcome these conditions with the help of Dr. Poss and the most advanced technology available.

TMJ treatment with a Nashville dentist Franklin TN

TMJ Treatment

TMJ disorder stems from inflammation or a misalignment of the jawbone. TMJ is responsible for a number of chronic ailments that are often misdiagnosed by doctors. Headaches, migraines, neck pain, and discomfort while eating are just a few TMJ symptoms that can leave the sufferer feeling miserable. If you’ve been searching for pain relief in your head, neck, back or shoulders, have your dentist evaluate you for TMJ so you can feel better fast. To learn more about TMJ, its symptoms, and the advanced treatment Dr. Poss provides, visit our TMJ section.

Why Visit a Dentist?

If you have spent countless days feeling fatigued because of sleep apnea or snoring, or you have long endured pain caused by TMJ, it is time to seek treatment. Dentists know that oral health issues can impact your life greatly by affecting your sleep, causing constant pain, and distracting you from your daily routine. They can solve your oral health issues relatively quickly using the latest technology and improve your quality of life, but first you have to make an appointment. Contact Dr. Poss today and let him fix your oral health issues so you can sleep, look, and feel better if you are in the Nashville area, including Brentwood TN and Franklin TN.

Academy of Craniofacial Pain

Dr Poss is one of the few dentist in Tennessee to receive his Fellowship with the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain. This advanced educational process allows Dr. Poss to better serve his patients that have TMJ disorders or other head and neck pain.

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  • I have finally found a dentist and an office staff that truly care about me. Every time I go to the office, I actually look forward to my next appointment.
    —Ashlyn H.
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    —Gavin W.
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    —Charles B.
  • Thank you for providing me with an apnea device that's easily transported, cleaned...and it works.
    —Jim M.
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